Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to this demo for the course Structured User Acceptance Testing.

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  • Topic 1

    Module UATA - Introduction to Structured User Acceptance Testing

    This module discusses basic concepts and approaches for user acceptance testing.

    25 mins.


    • Understand what user acceptance testing is
    • Learn about the 1:10:100 rule
    • Learn how to make the most of your testing investment
    • Learn about life-cycle testing
  • Topic 2

    Module UATB - UAT Planning

    This module presents a comple view of UAT planning from start to finish.

    2 hrs. 5 mins Presentation Time (This demo module contains only 33 minutes.)


    • Learn an overview of the User Acceptance Testing Process
    • Learn the steps involved in User Acceptance Testing
    • Learn how to write User Acceptance test plan, test cases, and test scripts.